Monday, May 28, 2007

New Mobile Internet Antenna

A small canadian company has announced the availability of its latest iNetVu Mobile satellite antenna platforms, which was developed to work with the new Ka frequency band, a breakthrough satellite communications technology.

mobile satellite internet antenna

The iNetVu Ka66 has been designed to take advantage of this new satellite service which delivers dramatic improvements in two-way, high-speed Internet services for consumers and businesses throughout North America. The Ka66 Mobile Platform has been tested over Telesat Canada's Anik F2 Satellite.

The iNetVu Ka66 will be able to deliver two-way satellite based Internet solutions, VoIP and Video cost effectively, using a low profile mobile or transportable antenna system that can deliver comparable performance to significantly larger and more expensive products. Users of the iNetVu Ka66 mobile satellite Internet platforms will be able to automatically locate the satellite from a vehicle or moveable structure by a simple push of a button and be instantly and securely connected to the Internet at broadband speeds.

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ViaSat Enhances LinkStar System

ViaSat's newly enhanced LinkStarS2 VSAT networking system incorporates the new DVB-S2 waveform, offering up to 30% greater bandwidth efficiency and substantially reducing network operating costs. The S2-capable LinkStar hub integrates remote LinkWayS2 mesh VSAT terminals into the same network, enabling flexible hybrid star/mesh network architectures.

ViaSat Linkstar S2LinkStarS2 and LinkWayS2 can now interoperate seamlessly, offering maximum network design flexibility. ViaSat's LinkWay broadband IP mesh network is meeting the needs of business, military, and government clients with applications ranging from broadband IP enterprise networks to distance learning. The addition of a DVB-S2 receiver to LinkWay enables hybrid star/mesh networks managed by a single LinkStarS2 hub.

The LinkStar S2 system builds on the leading DVB-RCS capable VSAT system, with over 100 networks and 75,000 remote terminals worldwide. The new S2-capable LinkStar S2 hubs and remote terminals are compatible with standard DVB-S LinkStar remotes and offer a simple, cost effective transition to the benefits of DVB-S2.

DVB-S2 is the latest advance in transmission technique from the Digital Video Broadcasting Project industry consortium and features a variety of technology enhancements over the current DVB-S standard. The new standard is designed to cut the cost-per-bit to transmit data by satellite by providing more efficient use of satellite transponders.

ViaSat has a full line of VSAT products for data and voice applications, and is a market leader in Ka-band satellite systems, from user terminals to large gateways.