Monday, April 12, 2010

Citrix Innovation Award 2010 for satellite-based IT solution XWARP™

ND SatCom, an SES ASTRA company, is on the short list for the Citrix Innovation Award 2010 with its satellite-based IT solution XWARP™. The award winner will be announced during the Citrix Synergy event in San Francisco from May 12-14, 2010. XWARP™ is the first satellite-based IT solution which offers companies with a distributed workforce or their IT service providers, almost latency-free software performance by separating the user interface from the application running on the server. XWARP™ enables satellite internet connections to run at LAN speed with the lowest satellite bandwidth consumption, even in the most remote areas.

This is an extremely efficient and high performance product that provides responsiveness that is better than many internal, LAN-based SAP implementations without using a lot of satellite bandwidth. XWARP™ incorporates years of network optimization background and a relentless focus on end-user experience from Citrix to deliver one of the most compelling and innovative satellite-based offerings.

ND SatCom introduced hosted virtual desktops for centralized management and delivery of its applications to branch office employees, and hosted Blade PC desktops for its CAD engineers, providing the superior performance of HDX technology for graphics-intensive applications. Additionally, ND SatCom completely replaced its existing server virtualization environment with Citrix.

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